On Gratitude

In yesterday’s Torah reading, parashat Eikev, we read the following three words: “v’ahalta, v’savata, u’veirahta (and you shall eat, you shall be satiated, and you shall bless)”. From this, the rabbis derived the mitzvah of reciting birkat ha-mazon, or grace after meals. After we have eaten our fill and been satisfied, we should show gratitude to God for what we have consumed and for our satiety.

I wonder if there is a deeper lesson: being satisfied is more than simply having a full stomach. Indeed, we can — and often are! — “full” of wonderful goodness and blessings multiple times over. Even if we don’t have everything, we each have many blessings in our lives with fill us throughout the day.

And we should be grateful for them at every moment.

May we continue to cherish our blessings and offer our gratitude for them at all times.


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