Livestream Conversation with Phil Cohen

Thank you to Phil Cohen for joining me for my latest Own Your Judaism Livestream Conversation. We talked about multiple approaches to Judaism, being a role model for the next generation, what the b’ mitzvah experience is truly about, how going to Israel is more than taking a tour (hint: it’s an educational experience), and primed the pump for a follow-up conversation about the kashrut industry and Judaism. With a little fantasy football mixed in :).

Phil’s bio is below.

Phil Cohen – Bio
As an Israeli-American, the pursuit of Jewish knowledge and the love of Israel has always been a part of Phil’s life. This love of education and desire to share his learnings developed in his teen-years, when Phil became both an assistant teacher in an after-school youth program and a Hebrew School teacher. While a student at the University of Wisconsin, Phil became a regional youth advisor within Wisconsin BBYO and a counselor at Camp Ramah Wisconsin Summer Camp. This passion for Jewish camping, learning and youth activities led to Phil’s first full-time position as an Assistant Director at BBYO Wisconsin. ​​

From 1994-1996, after leading the Milwaukee Jewish Community Israel Summer Program, Phil had the opportunity to become the National Director of an important international travel program for teens – the Masada Israel Programs based in NYC. For 6 years prior to opening Dugmah, Phil worked at Young Judaea Global as the National Year Round Director, managing and overseeing 13 regional offices throughout the U.S. During that period, Phil guided, taught and cared for thousands of children who traveled through Europe and Israel.

In 2002, with over 20 years of experience in Jewish learning, teaching, mentoring and managing, Phil started DUGMAH. Simultaneously, Phil attained my Masters in Administration, with a focus on training and resource development, from the New School’s Milano School of Management. Today, DUGMAH’s various educational programs employ more than 100 full and part-time team members who, together, serve as mentors, educators, and role models. Phil believes that DUGMAH enables our students to “find their voice” Jewish and otherwise – and become global citizens, as well as role models for their peers.

Phil is also a Founder and Chief Shidduch Maker at Mayever, which provides high-quality, experiential travel opportunities by developing relationships that uncover client desires and result in lasting memories created through shared connections to the land, people and history of a destination.

Lastly, Phil is the Founder and CEO of Prestige Prep, one of NYC’s leading supplemental educational services and tutoring centers, focused on academic tutoring, standardized test prep, and high school and college admissions advisory.

Phil lives in Manhattan with his wife, Jennifer, and their two sons, Elan and Reuben.