My reflections on the Black Lives Matter movement from this past week

-Human life and dignity are more important than property.
-Everyone has a voice, though many voices are suppressed. It’s not my job to speak for them. But it is my responsibility to help ensure that they have a platform for their voice to be heard.
-Antisemitism and racism share something in common: they are both acts of hate. But the experience of growing up Jewish and being Jewish in America is entirely different from the experience of growing up black and being black in America.
-Many people in this country and around the world care deeply and passionately about racial justice.
-Many police officers do, too.
-We are much farther away from ending racism and systemic racial injustice than many of us were prepared to admit or acknowledge up until this past week. Starting with myself.
-Since racism is systemic, it has seeped into all of us consciously and/or subconsciously. We can’t be part of the solution to end racial injustice until we own that.
-It has taken me / us — particularly white people — far too long to stand up in an allyship with you, the black community. I hope that you’ll still accept our assistance in the fight to end racial injustice in whatever way is most valuable to you.